MECHATRONICS Leader in Heavy Equipment, Automotive, and Agricultural Machinery

Producing hydraulic cylinder and cab tilting system and built automated equipment to produce Emergency pumps, Electric Fan clutch and TC Motors.

R&D Center

Dongjin Precision’s Core, R&D center
accel actuator, emergency steering pump, cab tilting system

Our R & D Center is leading the future of Dongjin with expertise in mechanical, electrical, electronic and design.
In the future, we will secure more researchers to explore the future of Dongjin.

Qingdao Dongjin Electric Co., Ltd.

First overseas company

Established in November 2003, Qingdao Dongjin Electric Co., Ltd. is the first company to expand overseas.
More than 120 employees produce Wiper Motor, Fuel Filler pump and Hydraulic Cylinder.

Qingdao Dongjin Electric Co., Ltd. started to produce Hydraulic cylinder in 2011, and producing Excavator and Fork Lift cylinder.


Chinese corporation producing Cab Tilting System

CHANGCHUN YIDONG AUTOMOBILEPARTS MANUFACTURING Co., LTD. established in October 2004, is a Chinese subsidiary that produces cab tilting systems for trucks.
They produce more than 1 million cab tilting systems annually
With the support of DONGJIN’s technical staff, it is a company that realizes customer satisfaction by producing differentiated products from Chinese companies with perfect quality control.